After school turns with Julian, who’s beginning to live up to his middle name – Rocket.This sure beats reading the ugly and negative news that seems to dominate the facebook and even the other news outlets which I thought were superior, NPR and the NYT. I’m realizing they all tap into the hype of bullshit and negativity. What matters is what’s right in front of us, and more importantly, right inside of us. Try putting down the gadget, go outside in nature, whether it’s a park, yard, grassy area or the one live tree on your block, and connect with yourself there. That nature is you. And you’re that nature. Just like you’re the person next to you on the subway or in the car you’re following on your commute. You share the air with them. Breathing together the life-giving air which we all exist on. You and me and them and that. Living and breathing and being. And it has nothing to do with the news feed you probably found this on. Hug yourself and say thank you. What it took to bring you to where you are at this moment is astounding. You are perfect. Enjoy the ride. It’s not about Christmas presents or the promotion or shaving a second off your time or dropping a shot or getting first tracks. It’s about being kind to yourself. Your kids. Your parents. Your brothers and sisters. Your coworkers. Your neighbors. Your fellow Americans. Your humans. Your animals. Your community. Your fellow loving beings. Your world. That starts with you being kind to you. It doesn’t have to be easy. But it is. Take a breath and tap into your heart. See the good in you. Talk about feelings, not the latest news that you’re fed by the establishment to keep things as they are. If you want change, be the change. Start with you. Start with one breath. Right where you are. Now. You got this. We got this. Together. Love. Here. Now.


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