06 Oct 2015

I’m surprised at an authors recommendation to exercise in a gym from a recent Forbes.com article I read. It’s time to bust the myth that we need a gym to exercise. Exercise can be done right in your office or hallway. The key is to not worry what others think. When you release the fear of what others think or assume the best, that they’re supporting your efforts to create a better world for yourself, you will be free to do anything. Like lunges down the hallway when taking a toilet break. Or if you want to keep it to yourself, take away your office chair or ball and squat at your desk while on the computer, engaging your quads in a wonderful lower body workout. Or better yet, lean up against a wall and drop down in a seated position, with your hamstrings parallel to the floor, while you’re doing phone calls. This is another wonderful leg/butt workout. If your phone partner notices your increased breathing and asks what you are doing, tell them you’re doing “wall sits” and invite them to join you. If you want something a little less obvious, do toe raises while on the phone. Simply lift your heals up off the ground as high as possible. Repeat until fatigued. Do three sets. For a greater challenge, do toe raises on one foot, then alternate feet. If you can head outside for ten minutes, change and do ten minutes of Burpees, a wonderful all around exercise that will help get you fit, clear your mind, give you a bigger heart and have you returning to work ready to tackle the challenges ahead. Here’s a post and video explaining how to do Burpees, both for the novice or less physically active worker and the workout buff: http://stephenkoch.com/simple-all-around-exercise-for-everyone-the-burpee/



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