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Leadership in Extreme Times
What does success mean when its price may be too high?  Stephen Koch faced this question in extreme conditions on the rarely climbed north face of Mount Everest. His insights on leadership in extreme times have audiences enthralled and teach them about the price and perils of decision-making and teamwork.
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Creating a Team for Action and Results
Leading teams into danger in the mountains — and bringing them back alive — teaches you about what people need to do to form a successful team.  What does it take when the stakes are high?  Stephen Koch shares his experiences in the mountains with his audiences, alternating compelling stories of near-death experiences and deep insights into how to create great teams.  Stephen’s keynote is a transformational experience for any team seeking success in today’s hyper-competitive business environment.
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Decision-Making When It Counts
In this speech, Stephen Koch reveals his experiences of decision-making as a leader under extreme duress at high altitudes on unforgiving mountains — and draws lessons that are precisely applicable to today’s competitive business climate.  How do you decide quickly when you don’t have all the information you need and it’s life or death?  What do you do when the options are dwindling and less than perfect?  When is going after the original goal still the right decision to make?

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