Complete list of the Gear I use AND RECOMMEND is below.

After climbing, snowboarding and guiding professionally for over 20 years, and now as the father of two young boys, I am extremely active outside. The following gear is what I have found to work best.

There are reviews by me on most of the products listed below which offer you more information on what I like about each item and why and more importantly at times, what I don’t like. When I rate a product with 5 stars, I believe it to be a 5 star, high end piece of equipment or gear. Even if I am sponsored by a company, I rate the gear accurately and write honest reviews. The marketing and PR departments of some of the companies may not like it, but I am hired and sponsored for more than promoting the products in magazines. I work with the product designers and developers and have been active outside for my entire life and professionally for 25. I have worked for Burton Snowboards, The North Face, Cloudveil, Scarpa, Rome Snowboards, Osprey, GU and many others.

I hope you find this section helpful for your outdoor gear selection. The links take you to reviews and also where to purchase.

Stephen KochGear I Use