An oldie from the second of the Seven Summits, Mount Elbrus in the former USSR, now Georgia. My good friend and photographer Wade McKoy of Focus Productions joined me. We went to Mount Kenya in Africa after this where I soloed the Diamond Couloir. Then onto Tanzania where we made an attempt on The Heim Glacier. I almost died a couple of times on this expedition. Gnarly rappelling down Mount Kenya and serious rockfall while rappelling off of Kilimanjaro. Good to be alive and able to share the lessons I’ve learned. Mostly how not to do it. How to survive. Staying alive. Whether in the mountains or in the office. Follow your heart. If what you’re doing is serving your highest self, keep it up. If not, change course. It’s up to you. And if you’re worrying about money or what other’s think, don’t. The journey unfolds just as it should. Take a deep breath and follow your heart.


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