After school turns with Julian, who’s beginning to live up to his middle name – Rocket.This sure beats reading the ugly and negative news that seems to dominate the facebook and even the other news outlets which I thought were superior, NPR and the NYT. I’m realizing they all tap into the hype of bullshit […]

Business Keynote Speaking Topics Leadership in Extreme Times What does success mean when its price may be too high?  Stephen Koch faced this question in extreme conditions on the rarely climbed north face of Mount Everest. His insights on leadership in extreme times have audiences enthralled and teach them about the price and perils of […]

Stephen Koch Keynote Speaker Onesheet Keynote speaker Stephen Koch is a pioneering snowboard mountaineer, instructor and mountain guide. What do you learn from two decades of climbing up and snowboarding down the world’s highest, most challenging mountains? what do you learn from trying – and failing – to summit mount Everest and snowboard down? what […]

I had the honor of speaking at Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida last week. They put together this slideshow of my time there, which is a good glimpse of what I bring to schools and organizations through my keynote speeches. I focused on leadership, decision-making and teamwork. Click – Slideshow to view.

Here’s a short video about the news and social media reactions to these incidents. They are of intolerance. I’m not saying what happened wasn’t breaking the law and had serious consequences. What happened did. The bison calf was put down and there may be a citation issued and with the Grand Prismatic Springs incident, the individuals […]