Human decency has eroded on Everest. I can’t imagine being so blinded by my own drive to summit a mountain that I’d let a fellow human die. This is what occurs on Everest more and more and it is abhorrent and simply wrong. What has happened to acting in accordance with the golden rule, treating […]

06 Oct 2015

I support the renaming of McKinley back to Denali, the native Athabaskan name meaning “the high one,” which Alaskan’s and most climbers have called the highest mountain in North America for years. One of the lessons that you learn leading climbers in the mountains is that you don’t get to the top by obfuscating, prevaricating, […]

24 Aug 2015

26 years ago this week I was able to make the first snowboard descent of the iconic Grand Teton in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. My partners, Thomas Turiano​ and Andy Matz, believed in me and through team work and trust gave me the opportunity to fulfill a dream. The tent in the photo above […]